How to get involved with our work
There are a variety of ways for individuals and organisations to help us continue to provide education for children in refugee camps and disadvantaged circumstances below. Any other ideas, please get in touch via the Edlumino team at  Contact us
We work with educators, collaborators and charities in the UK and beyond to ensure the children and teachers have access to the quality educational materials they need to keep up with their learning.

The education community is a very friendly and generous one. From individuals who have given up their time to create language specific flash cards, to professionals and consultants giving free advice, schools who have raised money in innovate ways, and businesses who have loaned equipment or donated key items, all have come together to achieve positive outcomes for the children and we continue to be humbled by such generosity.

It is a joy for us to work with so many talented professionals who care about childrens progress, irrespective of circumstance.

If you wish to contribute to a specific project, please specify when making a donation. We will always endeavour to meet the wishes of donors, but if for any reason a project cannot go ahead we would normally move funds between projects in order to support other educational aid projects.

If a specific project cannot go ahead and a donor would prefer to have their donation for that project returned if the project cannot go ahead, please make this clear at the time of donation. Otherwise it is assumed that the donation is transferable and once transferred it may not be possible to return it.