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Edlumino Education Aid is a collaboration of qualified teachers and education experts from the UK and mainland Europe who are united in actioning their belief that education is for all children, irrespective of their current circumstances.

We are a non-political charity focusing solely on the education and welfare of children.

Under the leadership of Dr Rory Fox, an experienced executive headteacher with over 25 years educational experience, students in refugee camps are able to access experienced qualified staff and teaching assistants to help enable them to access relevant education and skills to assist them in their next steps.  

Past and Present Edlumino Studia

Edlumino Studia Greece

August 2016 - Current
Edlumino is currently providing qualified teachers and lessons in central Greece and a pilot qualification project in Northern Greece.

We are currently looking for qualified teachers to volunteer with immediate start in Greece . Please contact us for further information and interview.
Edlumino Studia are our emergency education centres. The children gain access to qualified professionals with a variety of experience. click the buttons below to find out more about individual projects

For our current information leaflet about our work in GREECE ( Nov2016 )

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Edlumino Studium Calais 

October 2015 - January 2016
Edlumino Studium Basroch

November 2015 - March 2016
Edlumino Studium La Liniere

March 2016 - August 2016
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Our Future Initiatives

Support for Unaccompanied Minors
This is a project intended to provide education and other support to around 500 unaccompanied minors in Europe. It is a complex project involving collaboration with a number of partners including political authorities.

Discussions are not yet at a point where any further information is available.

If the project goes ahead it will involve a commitment of around £5m per annum.  
Refugee Education Greece
As of July 2016 there are around 50,000 refugees spread across multiple camps and sites in Greece. This figure includes around 7000 school age children who are unable to access consistent education of a standard which would normally be expected.

Edlumino is in discussion with a number of camps and organisations in Greece, about providing opportunities for learning to the children in the camps. At the moment we are unable to deploy to any sites because we do not yet have the funding available in order to enable us to do so. We are providing materials, resources and expertise. The main focus of this project is therefore currently upon fund raising for the £120,000 per annum which it would cost in order to deploy a team of teachers.

"We can’t change their past, but we can certainly give them a future."
Dr Rory Fox CEO Edlumino quoted in Future Leaders : Insights 17/6/2016
Emergency Education Resources Model
Refugee Education Yazidi Girls
This is a project intended to provide a more sharply focused set of resources which meet the complex and varied needs of refugee and displaced children in their different settings. 

Displaced children can be in a range of different countries, all with differing curriculum models and requirements. The children themselves can be in different systems with different length school days, school weeks and academic years. Some children are in situations of very fast, high turnover. Other children are in much more stable situations where they may be able to engage with education over a much longer period of time. 

The emergency education resources model provides resources which ‘work’ successfully in all these different contexts, allowing children to be quickly engaged in effective learning whilst also allowing reporting, monitoring and proper quality assurance of the learning which is taking place.

This project is a desk-top project with teacher and university collaborators donating time, experience and expertise from their own contexts, in order to develop resources.  The value of donations and voluntary support to this project is around £3,000 per month.
 Amongst the displaced populations of the middle east, the Yazidi people have suffered particularly harshly at the hands of ISIS (also known as DAESH). There are numerous confirmed accounts of Yazidi girls being raped, tortured, murdered, burned to death and turned into sex slaves.

There are currently very considerable numbers of Yazidi girls spread across a number of refugee camps on the boarders of Kurdistan (as well as within Greek refugee camps). We have been invited to work with groups and organisations in Kurdistan, in order to get up to 1000 girls back into education.

At the moment we are still carrying out background and preparatory work for this project, as the complexities of working in the penumbra of a conflict zone are extremely demanding. Initial plans are that we would work with other organisations which would provide accommodation for schooling, whilst we focus on providing secure and sustainable learning. The project would last five years, by the end of which we would leave the school in the hands of the community operating sustainably. We are currently fund raising for the project as it will require about £2.5m over 5 years. (For comparative purposes the equivalent costs for opening an equivalent sized school in Europe would be about £15m over the same period, not including the actual capital costs of building the school). We do not yet have a secure funding stream to support this project so it is unable to move any further forward at this time.
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3rd Classroom Tent in La Liniere Camp, France.  
May 2016
Photographer: Edlumino Volunteer